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Somos La Iglesia católica

Nuestra familia está compuesta por personas de toda raza. Somos jóvenes y ancianos, ricos y pobres, hombres y mujeres, pecadores y santos.

Nuestra familia ha perseverado a través de los siglos y establecido a lo ancho de todo el mundo.

Con la gracia de Dios hemos fundado hospitales para poder cuidar a los enfermos, hemos abierto orfanatorios para cuidar de los niños, ayudamos a los más pobres y menos favorecidos. Somos la más grande organización caritativa de todo el planeta, llevando consuelo y alivio a los más necesitados.Educamos a más niños que cualquier otra institución escolar o religiosa.

Inventamos el método científico y las leyes de evidencia. Hemos fundado el sistema universitario.

Defendemos la dignidad de la vida humana en todas sus formas mientras promovemos el matrimonio y la familia.

Muchas ciudades llevan el nombre de nuestros venerados santos, que nos han precedido en el camino al cielo.

Guiados por el Espíritu Santo hemos compilado La Biblia. Somos transformados continuamente por Las Sagradas Escrituras y por la sagrada Tradición, que nos han guiado consistentemente por más de dos mil (2’000) años.

Somos… La Iglesia católica.

Contamos con más de un billón (1’000’000’000) de personas en nuestra familia compartiendo los Sacramentos y la plenitud de la fe cristiana. Por siglos hemos rezado por ti y tu familia, por el mundo entero, cada hora, cada día, cada vez que celebramos La Santa Misa.

Jesús de Nazaret ha puesto el fundamento de nuestra fe cuando dijo a Simón-Pedro, el primer Papa: «Tú eres Pedro, y sobre esta piedra edificaré mi iglesia, y el poder de la muerte no prevalecerá contra ella» (Mt. XVI, 18).

Durante XX siglos hemos tenido una línea ininterrumpida de Pastores guiando nuestro rebaño, La Iglesia universal, con amor y con verdad, en medio de un mundo confuso y herido. Y en este mundo lleno de caos, problemas y dolor, es consolador saber que hay algo consistente, verdadero y sólido: nuestra fe católica y el amor eterno que Dios tiene y ha tenido por toda la creación.

Si has permanecido alejado de La Iglesia católica, te invitamos a verla de un modo nuevo hoy, visita www.catolicosregresen.org.

Somos una familia unida en Cristo Jesús, nuestro Señor y Salvador. Somos católicos, bienvenido a Casa...

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Forbes magazine y Soka Gakkai

March 13th #2005
In memory of Gregory The Great (+ 604)

Steve Forbes
President and Editor-in-Chief
Forbes Magazine
Vía e-mail: readers@forbes.com
New York, N. Y.

Ref.: “The New Age and The New World Order = Soka Gakkai”

Dear Mr. Forbes:

With due respect, and maybe a little late, I have decided to write you this letter in reference to your September 6th issue, and subsequent October Forbes 400 issue, in which you brought to our attention an article about “Soka Gakkai and Mr. Daisaku Ikeda”. I am so grateful, to you and to God, that you have published this information, maybe now some light be shed over so many Americans, Dominicans and millions of individuals that are being negatively influenced by their “polytheist doctrine” and “de-humanization educational procedures”.

Actually, you came short in your appraisal of the actual situation, because it is similar to what is happening to the Church of “UN”-ification [Reverend Moon], as to the point they are both growing in power, not only economically but globally, as they gain more and more adepts in higher levels of society as I write to you; most of them affected by the sickness of the new century: essential emptiness and spiritual sorrow.

Following is a brief of what Mr. Fulford and Mr. Whelan have exposed to the needy public so brilliantly:

“A three year old school costing US$300MM for 400 students… US philanthropy spends US$875 billions a year… Soka brings in about US$1.5 billions a year worldwide… exceeding in wealth more familiar sects as Hare Krshna, Unification Chruch and The Kabbalah Centre… Soka U total assets last year totaled US$740 millions, double from start… “I am the king of Japan; I am it´s president; I am the master of it´s spiritual life; I am the supreme power who entirely directs its intellectual culture”, Ikeda says… the “life enhancing” power of chanting… “many in body, one in mind”… they dream of “world peace”, which will be achieved “when one third of the world chants, one third merely celebrates Ikeda, and the other third doesn´t care”… “Soka´s political activities were an abuse of it’s status as a religion. “The influence of a ruling party that relies on a specific religious organization to form it’s power base is growing stronger”… “In reality the curriculum is intended to reflect the cult beliefs and perspectives”…

What has happened to the “USA” in the last forty years, my generation, is most evident to everybody else but themselves: the symptoms of a sickness known as “denial”, that millions of human beings worldwide address to in self-help groups to treat all types of obsessions and addictions.

“The material world of Madonna” is now “the Kabbalah Centre”, Tom Cruise´s “Dianetics”, Tina Turner´s “Soka Gakkai”, and the final results are just around the corner. With promoters like them, they might not need philanthropy, since their capabilities of raising cash are immense.

“E Pluribus Unum”, “ Annuit Coeptis” and “Novus Ordo Seclorum”, are three expressions that appear in the Seal of America, and in the most popular currency in the world, the dollar bill. Maybe it’s the same, the members of Soka Gakkai preach to each other and the rest of the world: “many in body, one in mind”.

¿What in the world is going on?

I don’t know if to correctly assume you are Jewish, but I will refer you to the prophecy of Isaiah, the greatest of all next to John The Baptist. In chapter 30, he talks about “the rebel sons of Israel” [so many of us with projects of our own], looking for protection from “the pharaoh”, from whom they were freed from slavery. In my Bible, this chapter is called “a testimony for posterity”, where 28 hundred years ago this son of God went on to describe what happened on “9-11”, in detail. A prophecy fulfilled to date, in a nation whose habitants are continually seeking help from those we all know can’t provide it.

Another author, a puritan, Gary H. Kah, in his book “In route to Global Occupation” (Huntington House Publishers, 1991), p. 96, describes with incredible detail the same situation: the potential terrorist attacks to the Big Apple and Pentagon City, with reasons included, ten years before it happened.

Now, I’ll give you our perception of what Soka Gakkai really is, and what they are up to, so you know.

“Followers of Japanese Buddhist master, Nichiren Soshu, with political proselytism as their main doctrine, utilizing “de-personalization techniques” in their methods, known as “Shakubuku”. Considered “a religious sect” based on the teachings of another Buddhist master Nichiren Daishonen. They have reached a considerable international expansion thanks to the personal work of Daisaku Ikeda, with the support of his political party in Japan, “the Komei”.

“Shakubuku, according to specialists, is considered to be a form of “brain wash”. A scandal in Japan during 2000, in relation to one of their principals accused in a sex scandal and inappropriate used of funds arouse all kinds of questions in terms of the real character of the movement. It has twelve to fifteen million members around the world, 250 thousand in the US.
“Nichiren Daishonen was a Japanese Buddhist monk back in XIII century, who pretended to credit himself with founding “the real budhism”. His thesis and doctrines are the ones sustained and preached by followers of Nichiren Soshu, as well as Soka Gakkai, known to use, among other techniques, “the Shakubuku”.”

As I see this, your magazine’s major responsibility to readers, like me and so many others, is to deliver the whole truth and facts, so we can be best informed of what is happening, in order to be best prepared to confront the situations that are coming forth at an unprecedented speed. This should be the essence of the vision and mission of all public media.

There are more than 10´000 different pseudo-Christian denominations in the US, not to mention eastern influenced new religious movements like Soka Gakkai and others, so many types of new spiritualities is ridiculous, all in the name of “false freedom”.

Clairvoyants, astrologers, mediums, telepaths, tarot readers, palm readers, mystics, mentalists, shamans, pet psychics, crystal balls readers, numerologists, spell casters, supernatural superstars, fortune hunters, mind benders, all part of the non-sense and fantastic world “some” human beings are trying to promote in an effort to re-engineer the world, to offset it’s own failure to cope with the reality we have created of life itself. “The Babylon” of the 21st century, XXVIII hundred years later.

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, went to school in Atlanta, Ga., during the prime time of my life. Baptized catholic, guided in faith by Jesuits, learned about Protestantism and Judaism from a first hand experience while attending Georgia Tech in the mid 70’s. I related with Americans, Arabs, Orientals, Europeans, and Latin Americans. Had a Jewish girlfriend for quite a while, lovely. A little bit of experience in everything, thank God.

C. S. Lewis, in his book “The abolition of man”, puts it practically when he says “the little human animal we are, will never obtain adequate answers in the first attempt”. This is why we keep on looking, what we had to begin with, all the time, somewhere else. Another author puts it simpler by saying “Happiness is enjoying fully what we have, not worrying about what we want”. In a “consumers” economy like US has, everybody over indebted, this could be an answer to many of those questions, for free. Let me warn you, there are people betting on the fall of America, with its economic, political, social and religious problems, as they are now.

Right in front of our house in Santo Domingo, the Mormons have built a US$40 million complex, the largest in the Caribbean and Central America. It looks like a CIA regional headquarter more than a religious place. Jehova’s witnesses did the same on the other side of town, sort of strategically, as they visit everybody house to house, everywhere, looking for new adepts. Adventists, Pentecostals, Methodists, Presbiterians, Episcopals, etc.

To complicate things further, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil are known today as “the new Mecca” for occultism and satanism, best known as “Santería”, because it is being promoted under the appearance of “popular religiosity” derived from Catholicism, which is not true. UNESCO, BID, World Bank and others have their noses well into these things and we have means enough to support it.

“Astrology is a way of feeling connected to the universe to get reassurance in difficult times. I restore my client’s confidence in their ability to make choices. (Michael Lutin, The Den Leader)”

“when one third of the world chants, one third merely celebrates Ikeda, and the other third doesn´t care”. What this actually means is getting rid off “traditional christianism”, “the Old Church”; in other words, the Catholic Church. ¿Is there a better explanation?

T. S. Elliot, in his book “Cocktail Party”, a story of a lady sinner confessing her wrongdoings to the Priest, said the following: “Something, she said, is not in order here; and I would like to believe that it’s me that is not in order. Because otherwise there would be something out of order in the world out there, and that would much more terrible, horrendous. I would rather believe that something in me is out of order. Maybe then I will be able to get it straighten out”.

The amount of money changing hands in the mysterious world of religions, religious sects and cults today is simply incredible. I know someone that went from being Accountant at a friends factory became a pastor at a new Pentecostal church. In a matter of days, earning ten times more money than ever before, thousands of dollars a week, cash (no taxes), servicing spiritually and psychologically what he learned over the Internet.

Definitely, the New Age and a new world order has arrived, and is not a matter of thought anymore. It’s time to wake up.

When we look at this from a critical point of view, we have to realize that the only religion that has kept much to themselves, regardless, is the people of Israel, the Jews, fourteen million of them scattered all around the world. I wonder, as I write to you this letter from the bottom of my heart, ¿Do the leaders of Israel have anything to do with all this mess? ¿Who is most affected by most of it?

During the day, America has many types of problems; during the night, different ones. In the streets, America has many types of problems; indoors, different ones. In all, we are today what we did yesterday, and we will be tomorrow what we do today. This will certainly make a difference, nothing else.

The New age and the New World Order has arrived to stay permanently with us. It’s invisible and powerful hand operates the mysterious powers of iniquity to its fullest extent, without us being able to do anything about it. I think I’ll do my share, and this is a sample of it, hoping that maybe our children will have something better than to go to any of these ‘weirdoes’ looking for nothing. God help us they never do that.

Josémaría Escrivá de Balaguer, a Spanish saint of the XX century, founder of “Opus Dei”, Dan Brown’s favorite, said several times during his life that this world was lacking a lot of spiritual maturity. At 4,000 years of the first holly writings delivered to human kind by the only existing God there is, we are still like children looking for an spiritual toy to play with. I sincerely hope you find the right one.

“Fac ut árdeat cor meum in amándo Christum Deum, ut sibi compláceam.” (Light up your heart with the love of Christ, our God, so you may finely please his will)

With sincere regards,

Mario R. Saviñón