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Somos La Iglesia católica

Nuestra familia está compuesta por personas de toda raza. Somos jóvenes y ancianos, ricos y pobres, hombres y mujeres, pecadores y santos.

Nuestra familia ha perseverado a través de los siglos y establecido a lo ancho de todo el mundo.

Con la gracia de Dios hemos fundado hospitales para poder cuidar a los enfermos, hemos abierto orfanatorios para cuidar de los niños, ayudamos a los más pobres y menos favorecidos. Somos la más grande organización caritativa de todo el planeta, llevando consuelo y alivio a los más necesitados.Educamos a más niños que cualquier otra institución escolar o religiosa.

Inventamos el método científico y las leyes de evidencia. Hemos fundado el sistema universitario.

Defendemos la dignidad de la vida humana en todas sus formas mientras promovemos el matrimonio y la familia.

Muchas ciudades llevan el nombre de nuestros venerados santos, que nos han precedido en el camino al cielo.

Guiados por el Espíritu Santo hemos compilado La Biblia. Somos transformados continuamente por Las Sagradas Escrituras y por la sagrada Tradición, que nos han guiado consistentemente por más de dos mil (2’000) años.

Somos… La Iglesia católica.

Contamos con más de un billón (1’000’000’000) de personas en nuestra familia compartiendo los Sacramentos y la plenitud de la fe cristiana. Por siglos hemos rezado por ti y tu familia, por el mundo entero, cada hora, cada día, cada vez que celebramos La Santa Misa.

Jesús de Nazaret ha puesto el fundamento de nuestra fe cuando dijo a Simón-Pedro, el primer Papa: «Tú eres Pedro, y sobre esta piedra edificaré mi iglesia, y el poder de la muerte no prevalecerá contra ella» (Mt. XVI, 18).

Durante XX siglos hemos tenido una línea ininterrumpida de Pastores guiando nuestro rebaño, La Iglesia universal, con amor y con verdad, en medio de un mundo confuso y herido. Y en este mundo lleno de caos, problemas y dolor, es consolador saber que hay algo consistente, verdadero y sólido: nuestra fe católica y el amor eterno que Dios tiene y ha tenido por toda la creación.

Si has permanecido alejado de La Iglesia católica, te invitamos a verla de un modo nuevo hoy, visita www.catolicosregresen.org.

Somos una familia unida en Cristo Jesús, nuestro Señor y Salvador. Somos católicos, bienvenido a Casa...

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Da Vinci and Christ

August 20th #2006
In honor of Patrick of Ireland (+ 461)

Gerry Lower
Jefferson’s eyes
Vía e-mail: webmaster@frx.com
Bell Center, Wisconsin, USA

Ref.: “The Da Vinci code and its Human Christ”

“The guilt and shame Landis and Gibson have recently felt, should make all of us aware of what we are capable of doing at any moment in time.”

Dear Dr. Lower:

“There is no higher religion than truth.”

With all due respect, and after a long thought about the matter, I have decided to write you cordially this letter in reference to an article I have –mysteriously- pulled down from the web recently. I live in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where Christianity first landed, where the Gospel was first preached in the new world. I am so proud of that.

About Mr. Brown and his code, most everything has been said so far, although I find there are some newcomers into the religious scene that make it an issue to revitalize certain ideas so far off from reality it’s ridiculous.

Please allow me to abuse of your confidence and time, and comment a couple of things I find most important. Think of it as gift from God from the shallow think-tank we have in our backyard filled with frogs, me being the biggest one.

I notice in the text you use nine (9) different terms to identify our Church: “Old Testament roman religion; roman catholic church; roman Christ; roman religion; roman church; roman Christian; catholic church; fundamentalist roman religion; apocalyptic roman church”, which can all be resumed into one: The Church of Rome, that over time became the universal Church of Jesus Christ (nothing to do with the American Mormons), best known as The Catholic Church.

“The entertainment package”, as you call it, Brown’s book and the movie, have received very well what they deserve, a big !buhhh!, nothing more, nothing less. The most honest critics said it’s a fiasco.

At first I couldn’t figure whether this was a philosophical or a political essay, the true origin of the attacks. It takes a well exercised mind these days, and I mean spending a long time at prayer, to really understand the meaning of certain words and expressions, the message underlying the script. I have to confess I am not a cryptographer, nor I pretend to be one either. I am just a borne again catholic Christian, given the task to fraternally confront elements like you, with the truth about the matter, based on relevant facts of my own life (experience), 4’000 years of history and the Holly Scriptures.

“The Roman church made the Christ into an absentee savior, supernatural (a man of little substance), reachable through prayer, a man presumably above human worldly concerns.”

Jesus of Nazareth is alive and resuscitated as he saved me from jumping into the ocean from a cruise liner in the middle of the Atlantic, nobody has to tell me this story, and it’s mine. Consider I became a Christian three to four years after, when I finished a very long thought process, with the help of “shrinks”, read a hundred or more books about life testimonies, psychology and human behavior, attended numerous self help groups and seminars, etc., etc., etc. There is no doubt to me, as He is here with me right now, helping me write this letter to you.

If you read in The Bible the story of St. Paul’s conversion, I would have to say it was something similar, never like it. The Church (trillions of people over a 2’000 year period) has agreed on his existence, and has died giving the testimony. I have no reason whatsoever of doing this, if it wasn’t because of that, please believe me.

“The Da Vinci Code is, like the western Bible, largely a work of fiction, but it weaves a different story of the Christ (based on latter day fact and fiction)…”

The Word of God, as we know it today, was stamped in your heart the moment you were conceived in your mother’s womb, as a seal of protection, that would make sense some day in the latter future, hopefully, as it happened to me. I know it can happen differently, as it did to the members of the Jewish Sanhedrin, that having Christ in front, did not realize He was the Son of God, The Messiah. Jesus said that The Father would lead us to Him, and Him, in turn, lead us to The Father, with the help of the Holly Spirit. It is not as easy as we think, but not as complicated as we think either, just be humble and believe, that’s all.

“If that protective role were true, then natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina would only kill non-Christians and otherwise undeserving people. In truth, natural disasters make no distinctions based on religion.”

Since Adam and Eve sinned, death became part of human history, history that is, not fiction. Look around everywhere, this days of special activity in the middle east, and you will find many reasons to believe in my theory, man has gone crazy in his quest for power and world dominance: The New World Order and The New Age.

We have poisoned the earth for centuries with all kinds of pollutants and chemicals “made in UN”; we have polluted our bodies and minds with all kinds of drugs and other hallucinogen substances; we have turned our back to the only God there is, and started adoring other “goddesses”, like the one dollar bill says: “in god we trust”. You see, no wonder something has gone wrong, we have yelled too: “crucifixion”, “crucifixion”, and the rest has listened and done so, one time and another: 60 (sixty) million abortions in the past thirty (30) years, and growing; US$15 billions a year spent in illegal drugs, who knows how much in buzz and cigarettes; trillions spent in wars and games. No doubt we are doing so bad.

If you read the second letter to the Thessalonians, chapter 2, you will realize that if The Holly Spirit were not present, things would be much worse than they are right now. Although, there is a severe warning: evil is going to be allowed to work at maximum capacity, sometime we don’t know in the near future, and when that happens all kinds of hell are going to break loose. As we Dominicans say: “save yourself, those who can”.

I am in shock that a country founded by puritans is doing so poorly this days, in Christian standards that is, having more than 30’000 different protestant denominations altering the faith of the people. Liberty has become anarchy, to the point we see in TV people preaching a new gospel: “the gospel of prosperity”, precisely for those who want to ignore how bad they have done, and that everything we do has its consequences.

A couple of years ago, I went to hear somebody speak about the New World Order, and he started the session with the following question: Communism has failed, capitalism has failed, ¿now what?

The American people have been very well trained to the sound of certain bell tone that evidently comes not from The Church. The biggest problem I see is that the bell is ringing, and the American people are not getting what they used to. Like us, they are going to get very mad soon. Let’s hope we can do something about it before something really serious happens. Let’s pray to God.

I don’t know how much you know about masons and masonry, since I understand the founding fathers of America were all masons and of the highest degree too. On the one side you have a crowd of protestants that came running away from mad protestants in the Old World, setting foot in the promise land, the USA; and on the other side you have a project of a nation conceived in eastern Europe, in Germany to be exact, which has been executed with meticulous and precise accuracy to date for two hundred and some more years, consolidating today what it’s known as the Unites States of America in the hands of “the invisible powerful”. This is what I call the Christian counterpart to the Islam, moved by the occult and sinister.

“Ideologically, the Declaration of Independence was a theological revolution, complete with new definitions of God, a new location for God in the world, right along with a very human Christ.”

The definition of new god (Jehovah, that is) has been given by protestants over and over the years, since 1517, when Fray Martin Luther decided to alter the fait of Christianity for the false sake of freedom. It’s, to what I understand, the master move of the Devil, making a man do something that he thinks its right, being totally wrong. The mess that he created, and some others that followed, may charge finally human kind a big toll, being Satan the prince of this world, murderer and liar from birth as he is, has led great many people into believing and following him to death. God be merciful of all of us.

A New World Order, conceived in late XVIII century as “the plan” to be led and executed by a selected and very well chosen few, that would lead to: a world economy, a world government, a world militia, a world currency, a world leader, a world religion… to mention only a few of the changes they have implemented so far or are about to implement in the near future, with the help of others that don’t know what’s going on at all. Like donkeys, they just carry the load, without any comprehension of the reach of the task at hand.

“There is not one shred of supernaturalism in Jefferson's Bible, no resurrection, no ascension.”

This is it essentially, the biggest problem humanity has at hand today is precisely that, they rather believe in a fortune teller (Walter Mercado) than in Jesus Christ; they best follow a wall street titan or a FED forecast; hope to win the lottery rather than work at it hard to make an honest living; dream about the unreachable, unobtainable, be frustrated and get drunk or drugged; hope in the impossible, depositing ones faith in a man or an institution, a country, that would only do as “the invisible powerful” want and desire. This is terrible.

“It was that general human appeal that was recognized by Constantine, the emperor of Rome who perverted nascent Christianity beyond recognition by re-embedding it in Jewish theology (which the Christ had rejected). That kept the doors open to self-righteousness and vengeance. Constantine's corrupt "genius" was in realizing that Rome did not have to behave in a Christian manner. Rome only had to be a defender of those values.”

Christianity was borne at The Cross in The Calvary, some fifty days later, in the Upper Room, when the Holly Spirit came over The College of the Disciples lead by Virgin Mary, right in the center of the reunion, and donated them with great gifts and charismas. The Holly Spirit gave these men the strength to confront not only the Jewish religious authorities, but the entire Roman Empire if necessary. There is no other way to explain the rare phenomena.

Just a couple of days ago we remembered Saint Elena, the mother of Constantine, emperor of Rome in late third century. It was, thanks to this great lady that two enormous events happened: 1. the search and rescue of the Cross of Christ brought to Rome from the middle east; and 2. the Christian conversion of her son.

You see, I have a friend who says that Constantine’s conversion to Christianity was something comparable to having an Egyptian sphinx turn into a man. Such a great miracle per se. Saint Agustin is just another case.

“Constantine's corrupt "genius" was in realizing that Rome did not have to behave in a Christian manner. Rome only had to be a defender of those values.”

Here again we see an evident lack of history knowledge, like Mr. Brown. Organizing the Council of Nicea; gathering more than three hundred (300+) Bishops, with official duties in The Chruch prior to Constantine’s conversion (history records it), discussing topics and religious matters that are significant to us still today. That can not be considered coincidence or mere luck.

The men of the Catacombs came out for some fresh air, just as I decided to occupy your precious time this early Sunday afternoon. Sunday, the Day of the Lord, the Day he came back from the death to live forever and ever; to guarantee that if we follow the gospel as the Holly Spirit stimulates us to understand it, not a personal nightmare or daydream, we will live forever. That’s wonderful to know, don’t you think?

“The man who taught that we ought think for ourselves might be expected to be human himself, thoughtful and caring, certainly not demanding that we be obedient to absolute Roman law, certainly not willing to believe that law and punishment are the way to human maturity.”

You see, the same way the Bishops at the Council of Nicea, sixteen centuries ago, agreed upon so many important things, Jesus has taught us to be disciplined, and to accept and follow instructions from superiors, especially The Magisterial Hierarchy in the Church, or didn’t you see how Church operated during the Death, Funerals, and at the Conclave to choose the new Pope, Benedict XVI, this last April?

Another friend of mine (this time an eighty year old Cistercian monk) tells me that when an undisciplined man request another undisciplined man to do something, it’s called a sin of “auto-idolatry”, the worst kind of all. You see, we take our hat off when we go into Church, but we leave the brain on, and much more, the impulses, since I am like the “Bonaerges”, sons of thunder, very impetuous but kind.

Regarding the end of times, I would kindly suggest you read in silence the following parts of the Bible: Gn. III, 14-24; Jn. XIX, 25-27 and Apoc. XI, 19- XII, 18, that will give a perfect idea of what us as Christians are up in times ahead. Jesus asked of us to take the cross and follow. He meant it.

“Fac ut árdeat cor meum in amándo Christum Deum, ut sibi compláceam.” (Light up your heart with the love of Jesus Christ, our God, so you may finally please his will)

Best regards,

Mario R. Saviñón

Pd. Do not miss watching again sometime “The Passion of the Christ”, by Mel Gibson. You will understand this letter much better then.