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Somos La Iglesia católica

Nuestra familia está compuesta por personas de toda raza. Somos jóvenes y ancianos, ricos y pobres, hombres y mujeres, pecadores y santos.

Nuestra familia ha perseverado a través de los siglos y establecido a lo ancho de todo el mundo.

Con la gracia de Dios hemos fundado hospitales para poder cuidar a los enfermos, hemos abierto orfanatorios para cuidar de los niños, ayudamos a los más pobres y menos favorecidos. Somos la más grande organización caritativa de todo el planeta, llevando consuelo y alivio a los más necesitados.Educamos a más niños que cualquier otra institución escolar o religiosa.

Inventamos el método científico y las leyes de evidencia. Hemos fundado el sistema universitario.

Defendemos la dignidad de la vida humana en todas sus formas mientras promovemos el matrimonio y la familia.

Muchas ciudades llevan el nombre de nuestros venerados santos, que nos han precedido en el camino al cielo.

Guiados por el Espíritu Santo hemos compilado La Biblia. Somos transformados continuamente por Las Sagradas Escrituras y por la sagrada Tradición, que nos han guiado consistentemente por más de dos mil (2’000) años.

Somos… La Iglesia católica.

Contamos con más de un billón (1’000’000’000) de personas en nuestra familia compartiendo los Sacramentos y la plenitud de la fe cristiana. Por siglos hemos rezado por ti y tu familia, por el mundo entero, cada hora, cada día, cada vez que celebramos La Santa Misa.

Jesús de Nazaret ha puesto el fundamento de nuestra fe cuando dijo a Simón-Pedro, el primer Papa: «Tú eres Pedro, y sobre esta piedra edificaré mi iglesia, y el poder de la muerte no prevalecerá contra ella» (Mt. XVI, 18).

Durante XX siglos hemos tenido una línea ininterrumpida de Pastores guiando nuestro rebaño, La Iglesia universal, con amor y con verdad, en medio de un mundo confuso y herido. Y en este mundo lleno de caos, problemas y dolor, es consolador saber que hay algo consistente, verdadero y sólido: nuestra fe católica y el amor eterno que Dios tiene y ha tenido por toda la creación.

Si has permanecido alejado de La Iglesia católica, te invitamos a verla de un modo nuevo hoy, visita www.catolicosregresen.org.

Somos una familia unida en Cristo Jesús, nuestro Señor y Salvador. Somos católicos, bienvenido a Casa...

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"a Prozac nation"

March 17th #2004
St. Patrick’s Day (+ 461)

Andrew Salomon
Via: Mr. Howard Salomon
CEO, Forest Laboratories, Inc.
United States of America

Ref.: “The love of God”

Dear Mr. Salomon:

With all due respect and after a long thought about the matter, I have decided to write to you cordially in reference to the article published by Business Week almost two years ago: “A CEO and his Son”.

I have treasured the piece of information since, trying to figure out to the best of my knowledge and experience the real nature of your illness, the causes that fired it up and nurturing a couple of suggestions I like to provide as a personal gift, especially in this time of Lent.

At 45, I am the oldest son of an alcoholic, recuperating from Co-Dependency since 1996 when, after hitting rock bottom, finally realized the common denominator to all my miseries. As sensible as this may sound, what the death of your mother meant to you, a divorce against my will meant to me, triggering a revolution; the most profound questioning of self and others done in my short span of life, to finally reach the essence of my existential emptiness and sorrow.

The article itself provides sufficient material to elaborate a complete doctoral thesis, though I am only going to circumscribe to the most important aspects shown there, according to my personal opinion.

“Depression is a lack of love…” And I will add: no medication or therapy will ever provide for it, no matter what.

Many individuals like us go in life feeling an emptiness that is very difficult to describe, much less cope with; trying to please everybody way beyond our possibilities and desires; doing the wrong “thing” in order to alleviate reality, even for a brief moment; developing the obvious symptoms that would evidently disclose our real needs; the emptiness prevails unless major actions are formulated and put in place into concrete changes of self.

Illegal drugs sort the same effect in some as the feeling suppressants do in others, therapy included. ¿Why do you think the pharmaceutical and psychotherapy industry are so flamboyant today? Forest Labs numbers, for example, express it very clearly: the success of a company at the expense of the emotional despair of people.

I personally spent a fortune with several “shrinks”, locally and abroad. It seemed for a moment like if nothing would help. My bold temper and aggressiveness became a most dangerous handicap, the evident sign of frustration, and the situation aggravated with the lack of love of my part. It was terrible.

“We were fortunate to articulate the terror… the experience transformed us…” Of course, any situation confronted all together with dignity and courage will transform us into much better individuals, what is called maturity, a much needed stage in man today. Arising from a situation as such required above all faith, perseverance and The Grace of God. No doubt about it. Think for a moment how many people don’t ever make it out of depression or addiction, and you’ll feel grateful. It’s a miracle in itself.

Read once in the New York magazine about a young lady in the “East Hampton” that crashed her AWD Mercedes into the door of a disco simply because she wasn’t allowed to park in front. She sent more than a dozen individuals to the hospital. The same thing we do with our disorderly behavior, maybe less spectacular.

I was blessed, after all, with enough wisdom to understand many things I did not understand before; things many still don’t understand today. What seemed very confusing then, it’s clear now. Most of what is happening to us today goes way beyond our human nature, transcending to the spiritual level, and as such we have to assume it.

The affliction mankind is going thru today is almost unbearable. It may be defined as a kind of perpetual mourning, sadness and grieving; the pain derived from the effects of a particular situation or many situations that affects the individual life and the community. This concept may also be known as the state of sin and it’s consequences, at least, for those of us who realize it. I am pretty well convinced that the individual sin and the collective sin, with its sequel of horrible consequences, is responsible for all the sadness that accompany mankind today in our way to Heaven today.

“Celexa’s appeal –it’s well tolerated-…” The medication itself will help stirred one back into “the right track” for some time, but if prolonged over a period of time, will terminate addicted to the medication as much as to depression to begin with. The same it happened to a close friend, she became dependant to medication in order to live a decent live with her child, just because her doctor did not know any better.

“Infantile dependence… I just remember having the feeling that Dad will take care of everything…” Most children everywhere today are being raised in over-protective homes. Parents wanting their children to live risk-free of everything, which is simply impossible, providing abundantly more than children are able to understand and appreciate. In the worst scenario, making up for parental mistakes and flaws with material things, sometimes allowing the impossible, which complicate things way further.

“Andrew recovered in 1995… But has since suffered two less severe breakdowns, the last in 1999… he continues to see a therapist and takes five different drugs…” ¿It’s this real recovery or a mere postponement of final results?

The way I see it, the recovery is still pending further efforts to diagnose the actual ill, which goes way beyond science. We have to reach down in self to find the true causes; to achieve the possibilities of definitely healing from it. Medication will only alleviates pain and sorrow, allow one to conduct their things on day at the time basis, just like alcoholics and drug-addicts do in AA and NA: substitute the substance for the group; depression with different drugs day in-day out.

“Lexapro, treatment for anxiety, panic disorders and depression…” The pharmaceutical industry, globally, will always come up with something to deal with the needs of man for better health, that’s their business. The question is ¿Is it really healthy for us?

With George Soros trying to promote the liberalization of marihuana consumption in the United States, the industry must be preoccupied, since marihuana does the same for anxiety and panic disorder; cocaine for depression. ¿Can you imagine the mood of the American people after another terrorist attack or economic depression? I understand the consumption of legal and illegal drugs and alcohol in the US has increased dramatically after 911. ¿What if it happened again, God forbid?

“A drug for alcohol addiction…” This doesn’t make sense at all. The only difference is that both of them are legal while marihuana and cocaine are not. The world ended the 20th century immersed in deep trouble, politically, economically, socially and religiously, and we continue as if nothing happened. The same with drugs, alcohol, and all other substances, legal and illegal, man is using today to reach the peak or the bottom of its existence, in ways not proper at all.

It is time we come to a halt and rethink all of this for a moment.

In the midst of trying to commit suicide by jumping off a cruise boat in the Bahamas in late 1996, God allow me to vision the future for a brief moment, which brought me to a complete halt. If only we knew what the Lord has in store for us, if only we realized his power and love, if only we knew of his infinite mercy, ¿how different it all would be?

That’s the reason I do this, in gratitude for what He’s done for me then, and what He’s continued to do everyday since. I presume you are Jewish, and that you believe and love the God of Abraham [YHVH], the same as mine. A God, that made all kinds of promises to its people, a plentiful live, if we abided by His covenants and learned the lesson well.

Pray to him for help, as I will do the same so He allows you be free from drugs and depression. God bless you. You see, I believe in the Lord of the impossible, the One that has done wonders in my own life and the lives of many around me.

The 2nd Book of Kings, chapter 5, narrates the story of Naaman the Sirian, commander of the army of the king of Aram. I believe you should read this story ASAP. I am sure it will help you understand your situation a lot better.

One last recommendation, “The Russian Pilgrim”, the story of a religious man that walked thru Russia helping others cope with the realities of life. In the chapter dedicated to “the power of the Gospel”, he indicates how this alcoholic healed by reading a chapter of the Holly Gospel each time the urge to drink arises. Once again, you are Jewish, Naaman was Sirian, I am Dominican, and our God universal. Try it and see what happens.

Josémaría Escrivá de Balaguer, a Spanish saint of the 20th century, said several times during his life that this world was lacking spiritual and emotional maturity. With 4,000 years since the first holly writings delivered to human kind by the only existing God there is, we are still like little children looking for an toy to play with. I sincerely hope and pray you find the right one soon.

“Fac ut árdeat cor meum in amándo Christum Deum, ut sibi compláceam.” (Light up your heart with the love of Jesus Christ, our God, so you may finally please his will)

Best regards,

Mario R. Saviñón

Enclosed: “New York Magazine”

Pd. Do not miss “The Passion of the Christ” by Mel Gibson, you won’t ever regret seen it.